You can prevent vocal cord nodules

A vocal cord nodule refers to the vocal fold having a small calculus/mass/growth (primarily benign) which causes pain, cracking and/or a hoarse voice. Also popularly known as “singer’s” nodules.
Treatment of a vocal cord nodule is as follows 1.complete rest of the voice 2.using steroids, removal/extraction of the nodule. The method of treatment for each individual will depend on the degree of the nodule, which is determined by the hospital or treatment center.
The hospital mainly treats after having been diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule, but you can prevent acquiring vocal cord nodules in advance.
I’ve investigated thousands of people who have vocal cord nodules. As a result, I can attest that 99% of the people I have examined have muscle hypertonia. Which is classified as having more than 30 Tones of hardness in the musculus extrinsic laryngis.
You will never get a vocal cord nodule after singing or shouting for a long time. Preventative measures can be taken which are: getting flexibility of the musculus extrinsic laryngis, improving the blood circulation of the superior laryngeal artery and vocalizing without straining muscles.

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