A special tea drink recipe for the voice

I would like to introduce my special tea drink recipe, which is really good for the throat and voice.
Prepare dry herbs of Mallow Blue tea and a side of Manuka honey made in New Zealand. The honey should be more than UMF 15+.
Put the Mallow Blue tea leaves/herbs (using a tea ball) into a tea pot of hot water. Close the lid and let it boil and steam to reach a temperature of about 203F.
After decreasing in temperature, 4 or 5 minutes later (after boiling) pour the tea into the tea cup. Then follow by adding a teaspoon of the Manuka honey. It’s not good to heat the honey too much, so please do not put the honey in while the tea is still boiling hot.
If you put too much honey, you will get dryness in the larynx. So please be sure to only use 1 teaspoon.

UMF stands for, “Unique Manuka Factor.” The numerical reading tells you what the full non-peroxide antibacterial rating of the Manuka honey is. I believe 15+ is better for the voice than 5+, after I tested and compared both.

This drink is really good for the throat and positively affects vocalization, producing better sound and ability.
Please try it once.