Pituitary LDP

The following is a list of the common symptoms of Pituitary LDP (larynx deep position) due to aging:
1.Displaying a hoarse voice and finding it hard to let out a high-pitched voice.
2.Muscle weakness due to aging.
3.The musculus extrinsic laryngis is very stiff.
4.The sternohyoid muscle does not extend well.
5.The stylopharyngeus muscle is tight.
6.The space is narrow between the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage.
7.Sagging of the skin of around the anterior cervical structure.

Treatment is as follows:
1.Acquire flexibility of the muscles relevant to vocalization.
2.Extend the space between the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage. This will increase blood circulation.
3.Acquire sufficient control in inhaling and exhaling when breathing.
4.Improving the muscle movements of the musculus extrinsic laryngis.
5.Expand the resonance chamber.

Note:Age should not influence the voice changing. Many great vocal artists have preserved their vocal abilities into the elder part of their lives. They have done this by being aware of their vocal condition and taking care of their muscles. Please keep singing and caring for your voice, even after aging into your ‘golden years.’