Massage the superior laryngeal artery with your using fingers

It’s very easy to massage the superior laryngeal artery once you learn how, then practice and get used to it. Review the photos below for an visual guide on how to complete this process, and follow these steps which further explain the mechanics as well as names of each muscle:
Let’s begin with locating the thyroid foramen (the superior laryngeal artery gains entrance to this hole), which is between the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage.
Most people have uneven location (not directly center) of where the thyroid foramen is between the right and left.
Make a scissors sign (like rock, paper, scissors) with your fingers. Put your middle finger on the lower end of the hyoid bone and your first finger on the upper edge of the thyroid cartilage.
Open the scissors sign slowly (totaling 3 seconds) and apply light pressure to the skin. Stop applying pressure when the opening is about half an inch. Please do not close your fingers at the end. Just remove your fingers after opening and the repeat that motion again 10 times on both sides.
If you do this properly it will heal a hoarse voice, a dry throat, prevent influenza and colds, and also assist in the daily care of your voice.
Additionally, this massage will help you warm up your voice before singing.
Please try it.




★★★Key Point★★★
This massage will not work if you don’t put your fingers on the exact and correct location of the thyroid foramen. Please make an appointment at the Voice Care Salon to inquire, if you want to know the exact position of the thyroid foramen. I’ll find it using precise palpation techniques.