Many Pop Singers stop making an effort after achieving success

I really feel that many Pop Singers stop making an effort to improve their voices after they become popular and successful.
I’m not talking about all Singers, but all too often I tend to come across similar cases with the following circumstances:
●Singers never changing or evolving their style or vocal range after making a hit song.

●They prioritize the quality of sound over the quality of their voice.

●They fake singing a song (lip syncing) at a concert/music festival, or use equipment such as a fan accessory to make their effort less. Some even mask their future albums’ songs performed in concerts by using distracting dance choreography tactics.

●They sing only easy songs publicly, that do not exhibit special talent or ability.

●Big fans/supporters can sometimes spoil a Singer’s image, with their dedication and admiration of the Pop Singer’s “Idol” status.

●They never try new song styles, because they are afraid of change and how it will affect their listeners’ opinions of them.

●Making money is inevitably more important them than singing and making music.  

Cartoon Rock n Roll woman

Note1:A singer is really similar to a sports athlete. If a track and field athlete achieves breaking/setting a world record, more than likely they are trying to set the bar higher and work towards getting a better record next time.
If a figure skater gets a high or even perfect score, too often they will continue training and working hard to maintain that score and stay in the leading ranks.
In the same way, if you achieve success with singing, you should to continue to maintain and strive to reach for a higher level of ability and broadened range in order to survive in the music industry.
Please do not sell yourself short in advancing your singing career or in making an effort to sing a song, because you think or were told that your voice is a gift to the listeners.