Best stretch while singing to relax

I would like to introduce an easy way on how to stretch your muscles when singing to relax, because this specific exercise has really been getting a lot of attention recently.
1.Bend both elbows at a right angle. Cross your arms, holding each side of your elbows with your hands, creating a right angle between your body and upper arms(Figure.1)
2.Move your shoulders from side to side (left and right) followed by up and down(Figure.2)
3.Move/push your arms and elbows to the front then return back, while relaxing your shoulder joints (breathe and loosen the shoulder muscles)
4.Sing your favorite song or hum while doing this exercise numbers 1 through 3 and then repeat. This can be done briefly or for up to a minute or more.
Note:For number 3, please keep in mind that you must push your arms and elbows forward strongly simultaneously.

SONY DSCFigure.1
SONY DSCFigure.2

The excessive contraction of the omohyoid muscle obstructs vocalizing, but you can loosen the muscle if you do the above stretches.
This exercise will help you acquire looser muscles, so you can let out the voice easier and steadier, even when you have slight tension. These movements also assist you in avoiding your voice from uncontrollably flipping over into a falsetto.
Give it a try.

Note:The method of how to grab a microphone with both hands:
Please grab the lower part of the microphone with your dominant hand, and the upper part of microphone with your other hand. Steady the head of the microphone straight and aimed toward your mouth, keeping your elbows high and relaxing your shoulder joints.