The mechanics surrounding the importance of flexible muscles relating to the voice

I believe that acquiring flexibility of the musculus extrinsic laryngis is highly important for thevoice. Here are the explained vocal mechanics and what each improvement targets.
I aim to improve the movement of suspending the larynx by extending the pharyngeal cavity, to make the voice better and more resonant. This will enhance the motion range of the cricothyroid articulation through mobilization, in order to acquire a wider range of tone.
Finally, we will tone up all muscles relating to vocalization, including the cricothyroid muscle.
If you master all the above mentioned improvements, your basic skills of vocalization will be perfected. Then you can become a great singer for any kind of music genre such as opera, rock or jazz. Please be aware to keep this condition you must maintain daily vocal training exercises through singing.

3d Male Face Muscles Anatomy with side views

Note1:You can’t stretch muscles relating to vocalization by yourself. This is because you cannot feel how much these muscles are moving or the degree of strength they are using.
You can know how strong you stretch the muscles though. This can be determined only using precise hand palpation.
Rolling or extending the neck does not mean that you are stretching the muscles relating to vocalization.
However, stretching the neck or shoulders to improve the flow of blood and lymph will indeed make the larynx move easier and effect vocalization in a positive way.
Singing is made by breathing while vocalizing using a musical harmony. Please keep stretching your muscles, mainly your upper body such as the shoulders or neck daily and often.

Note2:My Voice Care research is not aiming to help give you a specific vocal technique, make your singing popular, or just assist you in letting out your voice easily and freely. It is to mainly improve the basic skills you already have with vocalization.
In comparison to sports, picture “running, jumping, or throwing.” These actions are all basic physical fitness actions. If you acquire and understand basic physical fitness actions (that your body is capable of) then you can improve at any field of sport, such as baseball, soccer or tennis. Categories in sports can be compared to genres in music, with some being more physically exerting than others.
Furthermore, just like a sports injury… a vocal injury is just as serious and complex. It’s not easy to fix LDP (larynx in a deep position) choking your throat, it takes time or sometimes it is even impossible to fix. This is because people sometimes try to treat unclear muscles relating to vocalization.