The reasons why there are two clicking sounds when doing grind testing for LDP

LDP(Larynx deep position) LDP is just a habit of the muscles, not a medical disease.
One of the most effective ways to check whether or not you have LDP is through grind testing. This test involves slowly moving the thyroid cartilage or the hyoid bone from side to side without pressing.
If you have LDP, you can hear a ‘click’ sound.
Sometimes listening for the results of grind testing using the method of palpation, you can barely hear the click sound – but can confirm the clicking by feeling it ‘pop’ through the fingers. In some extreme cases, in daily life not through testing, other people around you can even hear the click sound, because it’s so loud.
There are two kinds of sounds which are the most noticeable when testing for LDP: A click sound and a flabby/squishy sound.
I have determined why there are two sounds after investigating the larynx.
In the case of the thyroid cartilage; 
A:click sound
Reason:The bottom edge of the thyroid cartilage or the arytenoid cartilago corniculata touches to the front of the cervical spine, (including the soft tissues) to make a sound.
In the case of the hyoid bone; 
B:flabby sound
Reason:The triticeal cartilage in the ligaments of the hyoid bone touch to the greater cornu of the hyoid bone, and the upper part of the thyroid cartilage (including extending ligaments) to produce a sound.
Which type of LDP do you have?


Note1:If I prove the condition and presence of LDP, I always find that muscles are stiffen around the thyroid cartilage and the hyoid bone. When I fix LDP, the thyroid cartilage becomes soft at first, and then the hyoid bone becomes looser.

Note2:When you have grind testing, please make sure to ask a professional or specialist who has the knowledge and skills to do so. This is because if a mistake is made in the degree of strength or positioning of the fingers when doing grind testing, serious harm may be caused. Such physical damages include: the muscles may rupture or recurrent nerve paralysis may happen.