You may make an issue worse if you massage your throat by yourself

If you do stretches or massage the muscles of your throat, be aware it’s at your own risk.
There is always a risk when stretching or massaging your throat, due to the physical and/or medical nature of such acts.
The most common factors to know and consider before doing a massage or stretching exercise on or around the throat are as follows.
(1)It is easy to hurt the muscles relating to vocalization because they are small, not directly visible, and weak.
(2)If you try to extend a muscle forcibly it will become more stiff, because of present defense reflexes.
(3)It’s really hard to know how much or how little of a degree in strength to use when giving a massage, because muscles can be really sensitive.
If you know the location of where the muscles relating to vocalization are, precisely, it’s not a problem to massage or stretch them on your own. The self taught approach is okay if you are careful, have done your research, and understand the mechanics of your throat as well as its muscle and tissue locations. On the other hand, if you do not know you shouldn’t guess, pray, or hope and do it yourself.
Please be advised of my warning if you do massages and stretch exercises on your throat. Too often, people come to see me at the Voice Care Salon to correct worsened vocal and muscle issues after they’ve hurt themselves or pulled a muscle due to improper stretching and massaging.

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