Laryngeal trauma

A lot of people visit me because they suffer from laryngeal trauma. The patients are most commonly claiming they have a severe hoarse voice, are uncomfortable with their throat after letting out a high-pitched voice, or after shouting loudly for extended periods of time feel some type of pain. More often these patients go to the Otological hospital or Orthopedics department, before visiting me, where a doctor had diagnosed them with just straining, stating there really is no problem with their throat.
If I investigate their throats, in almost all of these cases I always find that the muscles relating to vocalization have ruptured or observe the subluxation of the cricothyroid articulation.
The more time that goes by, it gets more difficult to heal these issues. It is not easily noticeable when these muscles hurt, because the muscles relating to vocalization generally have a dull sense.
If you want to get back to your original voice after suffering a minor or major throat trauma, I recommend you to seek and get treatment as soon as possible.

sore throat - isolated on white digital composition

Note1:Healing laryngeal trauma is different and depends on the place, degree, and time elapsed since the injury.

Note2:Laryngeal trauma is not only caused by exogenous force, it can also be caused by screaming loudly or letting out a high-pitched voice.