The most essential point of singing is the ability to listen

I’ve listened to a lot of songs in my life, and can conclude that all of the greatest singers have one thing in common- They are really good at listening.
If a person’s listening skill are not good, then they simply cannot be a good singer.
If you can’t catch sound, a melody and/or rhythm properly, it’s difficult to improve your singing.
Also, if you play music, you have to recognize the sound tones, tempo and rhythm, then interpret them to correctly produce the song from your perception through listening.
An essential point of singing is the ability to listen. Singing and listening go hand in hand. A song is made by duplicating sound accurately. When duplicating sounds heard, an individual’s style is added as well whether it be consciously or unconsciously. Listening is a top priority for great singers, but it is also necessary to analyze and assimilate the song too.

Note1:Singing is combined movements the vocal fold (1:open and close 2: extend and contract 3:harden and soften 4:thicken and thin out) using muscles and breathing (move the diaphragm, the internal intercostal muscle, and the external intercostal muscle) to vibrate the vocal fold, making air waves.

Note2:Professional singers always observe first and listen to music well, before singing.

Note3:The singing time divided by listening time should equal less than 1 or 0.6 if possible. That is the ideal vocal lesson time.