A common dilemma with musical pitch

A common dilemma with musical pitch is being consistent and accurate.
You can overcome such issues. If you let out the first pitch sound correctly, you can keep singing with the correct pitch consistently. When you let out the last pitch of each phrase correctly, your singing will also sound good.
In fact, most people who are not good at singing can noticeably not sing the last pitch of a phrase correctly.
Therefore, if you focus and pay close attention to singing the first and the last pitch carefully, your singing can sound great. Please try it!


Note:Generally when people move from a resting state, then stop and enter a state of motion, they are using a lot of muscles.
As the above states, vocalization also needs to use the muscles relating to vocalization so much when letting out the first voice pitch and the last voice pitch. This is because the vocal folds are vibrated by muscles using air. That air is echoed in the resonance chamber to make the voice, which finally comes out from the mouth.
Regarding the above mentioned voice training tips, please be careful with your vocal muscles and don’t practice anything excessively.
Vocalization is a sport and you are the athlete of your voice.