Issues relating to asymmetry of the vocal folds

If you go to the Otological Hospital and the Doctor says that there is no problem with your throat, but you are suffering from symptoms of a hoarse voice, a feeling of choking when vocalizing, or having too quiet of a voice, then please suspect LDP. LDP stands for larynx in a deep position. This issue is very difficult to see and diagnose without proper equipment. When dealing with vocal issues, LDP is the most commonly overlooked issue by Doctors.
As a voice care professional, I’ve helped a lot of people who have LDP.
However, I have come to learn that even if a patient takes a lot of treatment, improvements are slow and gradual. Regardless of the degree of improvement, LDP patient’s vocal folds will always be asymmetrical.
If the vocal cords weight is different between the right and left sides, the speed and timing of the vibrations made by exhaling are also different. Although this is a really small deterrence, these minor differences in weight or size cause a hoarse voice, a quieter than normal voice and/or a feeling of choking when vocalizing.


If you train the muscles related to vocalization, it is absolutely possible to be able to move both vocal folds evenly.
Yes, you can train and exercise your vocal muscles by yourself.
I’ll report more progress from my research findings, as well as exercises and treatment care for LDP sometime soon – Please wait for good news from me!