You voice will get better if you use a foot insole in your shoes

Sorbothane is an elastic polymer which is considered good vibration damping material, an acoustic insulator. I cut and added insole inserts of the same shock absorbing material as Sorbothane, and put them into each one of my shoes. Then, I sang a song Karaoke style. After putting the shoes and singing I got great feedback, such as: your voice sounds better, your voice range got wider, your high-pitched voice sounds clearer, and your low voice sounds richer.
The following are a few reasons why your voice sounds better if you put comforting insole inserts into your shoes when you sing a song.
1.You can relax your extra muscle when using an insole, and be able to focus more on your singing.
2.Your ability to control vibrations and extra shaking when singing, making the voice clearer.
3.When you have to let out your high-pitched voice quickly, having cushioned insoles can keep increase balance and posture, in turn helping muscle movements be smoother and work better.
Please try it.

Note:When making insoles for people who have weakened/hurt knees or have osteoarthritis of the knees, be really exact and correctly measure the Q-Angle to get the best fit. The Q-Angle is the angle formed by lines representing the pull of the quadriceps muscle and the axis of the patellar tendon.