Educational study for child singers

It is going to be harder to master singing or playing an instrument in the hopes of one day becoming a professional after the age of eight.
When it comes to children, earlier is easier and better to start learning how to sing or play an instrument.
First, let the child acquire good hearing ability, then let them listen not only to classical music but also many other genres of music such as Pop or Rock. Listening to many genres will assist in finding out what kind of music your child likes best and will also hold their attention by keeping them entertained. This listening can start at early as when the baby is in the womb, and should continue after birth.
As we get older, humans in general, unconsciously copy sound that they listen to. This is known as the mirror effect.
So, because of this mirror effect I encourage children to hear as many varieties and practice mimicking music as often as possible.
No need to be super good at singing when under the eight, because the muscles related vocalization are still underdeveloped. The objective is to practice singing a minimum of one song a day. Singing a song everyday will develop those healthy muscles for vocalization by keeping them active and flexible. Practicing, then keeping those qualities will help any child to have a good voice by the age of eight and be on the right track to becoming a professional singer later in life.
If you want your children to grow to be aspiring young singers, please start their educational music studies as early as you can!