Your favorite song is different from songs which you can sing

A lot of Amateur Singers do not know why their favorite songs are different from songs in which then can sing.
In the case where it is hard to sing a favorite song the most common reason is because the characteristics of that song don’t meet up with your larynx’s ability or build. If the larynx’s shape or movements are limited due to stature than the style of song will not be matched. Many people are attracted to their favorite song because it is a different style of sound in a higher or lower range, unmatched to their own singing abilities. Accept that your favorite song cannot be matched or keep practicing singing using the mirroring effect. Vocal training, singing a specific song several times, mimicking a mirror effect will benefit you by making muscle memory when singing songs. This will also help your throat muscles stay flexible making it easier for you to match up sounds more precisely.
First, please find out your throat”s singing abilities. Then decide what kind of music genre matches that such as opera, pop or hard rock. Narrow down your favorite songs based on genres matching your abilities and you will sing those songs well.