LDP….Some professionals can fix LDP, and others cannot

If you have any of the following problems with your throat it is best to first go to an ‘Otological Doctor’ or a ‘Voice Care Specialist.’ Such as a feel of choking, difficulty in letting out the voice, if your throat makes abnormal noises when drinking water, if your voice sounds boxy or it’s generally hard to let out any kind of high register tone.
If a Doctor cannot detect any specific problem or fix your throat after taking treatment, you possibly have LDP.
L.D.P. stands for ‘Larynx in a Deep Position.’ It is a muscle habit. When the muscles relating to vocalization become stiff and the larynx is positioned in deeper than normal position. LDP is not a disease, it is a condition.

I use these following methods to treat LDP;
1.Tugging and stretching the throat muscles (to relax the muscles and give it flexibility)
2.Ultrasonic treatment targeting the throat muscles
3.Ultrasonic treatment targeting the muscles relating to vocalization
4.Infrared therapy for improving motion performance of the throat
5.Microcurrent treatment for the throat muscles
6.Low-frequency therapy for improving muscles relating to vocalization
7.Red LED therapy for improving the blood circulation of the superior laryngeal artery
8.Electric needles specifically for improving the blood circulation of the middle constrictor
9.Regular breathing training
10.Pressure breathing training
11.Pulling out the hyoid bone
12. Mobilization of the cricothyroid articulation.
13.Training to improve utterance and the common stutter
14.Weight training of the cricothyroid muscle

I give a lot of treatments individually depending on each individual’s condition.
However, I never know exactly how long it takes to fix LDP completely, because every condition’s degree varies. Persistence, dedication, and continuity are always needed from both the individual and the professional treating the issue for the outcome to be successful.

How I diagnose LDP                                                                                         (1) The throat makes abnormal sounds, when the thyroid cartilage is moved      from side to side without pushing                                                                     (2) I can see the omohyoid muscle going up when letting out the voice               (3) Measurement, when using a muscle hardness meter, is more than 30Tone.

Some people have all three of the above issues, others may only have one of the three, and rarely there is an extremely critical condition of LDP.
Some people can be fixed only after a couple times of treatments, and others cannot be fixed even after treatment for more than a couple years. Many patients give up hope when lengthy treatments take too long. When beginning treatment it is important to be familiar with the condition, the treatment procedures, have a positive outlook, and be committed to a treatment schedule.

Note:I have treated thousands of patients who have LDP.
From this experience, I have found that the following types of individuals can fix LDP quickly when they:
1.Take treatment very often within a short time frame
2.Feel serious, eager and want to fix LDP
3.Take voice care candy daily
4.Understand the basic mechanics of vocalization
5.Often enjoy singing or music
6.Have an active lifestyle or are athletic in currently playing or used to do sports before