The reason why a person’s sneeze can sometimes sound so loud

Have you ever been surprised to hear a really loud sneeze in a public place such as when walking on the street, shopping, riding the train or at the office?
The sneeze noise is referenced to as ‘Haku-Syon’ in Japanese and ‘Achoo’ in English. In my opinion, the Japanese sneezing noise makes a louder sound due to its pronunciation length, compared to the English noise.
The action of sneezing is a corneal reflex, for ridding the body of foreign substances or thermoregulation.
The breath and movement of the larynx muscle plays a very important role in controlling the volume of an individual’s sneeze. This is because sneezing is an involuntary movement.
However, if these muscles deteriorate, the sneeze noise tends to be louder than usual because the muscles can’t be controlled well.