Training of the pharyngeal constrictors and cricothyroid muscle

I have talked about my theory that… ‘The cricothyroid muscle might be the same muscle as the pharyngeal constrictors,’
You can stretch the pharyngeal constrictors by sliding and turning over the thyroid cartilage or by stretching the muscle fibers gently.
In my voice care salon I usually use a small vibrating tool, the brand name is “Gold Vibration,” to massage or finely move the muscles of the throat relating to vocalization.
In order to train the pharyngeal constrictors, for more specific training, relieving firmness, and increasing the flexibility of the cricothyroid muscle, I focus on the instrinsic muscle area.
I think this is the most effective and reliable training available for the pharyngeal constrictors and cricothyroid muscle. This is because, using this method, it is possible to contract the muscle fibers of the cricopharyngeal part of the pharyngeal constrictors and cricopharyngeal muscle.

Note:A professional such a myself, a trained technician or vocal coach can easily know and recognize that the muscle fibers of the middle constrictor go towards to the greater cornu of the hyoid bone when touching the middle constrictor.
Mind you, there are individual variances in size and shape for every person.