Doing something while listening to music: The influence of multitasking

It’s common for people to multitask during their day to day routines. More often relating to adding music or sound to an activity … it’s doing two things at the same time such as walking while listening to music, watching TV and eating a meal or studying with music.
There are pros and cons to doing something else while at the same time listening music.
1.You can relax or become more motivated do something when listening to one of your favorite songs.
2.You can memorize the song quickly.
1.You get distracted and possibly unable to focus on doing your work.
2.You might not the memorize lyrics or melody correctly because you cannot focus solely on listening to the song.
I think everyone has experienced this before, learning the wrong melody or rhythm because you heard a song for the first time when you were busy doing something else.
It’s common with learned lyrical errors, that after they’re learned for the first time, the individual always sings incorrectly at the same part even if they practice singing the song over and over again.
This issue is specifically caused by what is known as ‘the mirror effect.’
The mirror effect is when an individual memorizes music naturally from only listening to it. This is done subconsciously, and the listener can reproduce the sound.
However, this does not mean or guarantee the listener can memorize the sound correctly! If the lyrics or rhythm is learned or heard wrong it will be repeated back wrong. This is the biggest con of learning music when multitasking.
Multitasking definitely influences your learning and singing! If you listen to a song while doing something, please be aware of that.
Focusing on listening to a song over and over again many times is the best way to learn a song, if you really want to sing it well.

Note1:I generally use the term, “listen,” when I refer to focusing. This means to capture every sound carefully as well as hear it.

Note2:There are individual variations about the mirroring effect. Some amazing people can memorize a song perfectly even if they listen the song while doing something else at the same time. And, some people cannot memorize the song at all even if they listen to the song over and over again.