Laryngeal stress, what would cause a choking feeling?

If you feel a choking in your throat, please go to the otological hospital or to a certified respiratory medicine specialist. If either of those Doctor says that there is no problem, I believe you have the condition, LDP.
LDP stands for “Larynx” “Deep” “Position.” It is a habit of rigid muscles. It is ‘not’ a disease.
The larynx, hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage and the cricoid cartilage get into a deeper or lower than normal position. That action causes an uncontrollable choking reaction, because the musculus of the extrinsic laryngis shrink towards the cervical spine.
Muscles will also become immobile, shrinking and stiff often in the wrong position.

LDP is caused by muscle hypertonia, stress, wrong vocalization, self massage, laryngeal trauma, and asthma or respiratory disease.
Stress is an especially serious problem. In recent studies, LDP has been found in individuals who suffered stress from bullying or harassment at school or an office. In these studies’ followups, after the individual’s throat has healed from whatever injury or stress it has been exposed to, they mostly always still have LDP.
If an individual has had LDP for a long time, the stiff muscles cannot go back into their normal position quickly.
At our clinic, Aida Voice Care Clinic, I have cured a lot of people who have LDP, using my proven treatment solutions for individuals with LDP.
Our treatment methods find the muscle fibers of stiffened throat muscles, and stretch and massage those muscle fibers one by one to acquire flexibility.
After the muscles seem flexible from manual massage or our massage equipment, we adjust the larynx by slightly pulling to put it back into its normal position.

There are of course variations to every individual’s treatment of LDP. Some are becoming better and recovering after only 2 or 3 treatments, whereas some never get better even after taking treatment for 2 to 3 years.
These cases outcomes are so different because the musculus extrinsic laryngis cannot be repaired easily and has a known habit of going back to being stiff.

Note1: When eating or drinking with LDP, the pharyngeal constrictors (the middle constrictor and inferior constrictor only) muscles stiffen, obstructing the throat, which affects swallowing.

Note2:LDP puts an individual’s hyoid bone into a deepened position, obstructing the epiglottis making it stand up. This specific condition has been known to affect many Opera Singers, making them unable to sing the bel canto.
A famous case comes to mind of the late influential Opera Singer, Maria Callas. When she was at her peak, after examination her whole larynx looked forward. In contrast to when she had a slump in singing, her larynx showed having a stuck tension in a deeper than normal position. Please see ”Maria Callas:Investigating changing her voice” for more details of this renowned Opera singer.