Flexion reflex of the muscles relating to vocalization

A handful of my patients at the clinic over time have said to me, “I feel like my throat is more stiff than normal and have a feeling of choking/coughing. This problem started soon after an ultrasonic treatment was applied to my throat at another clinic/medical office.”
In most of the cases I have encountered, the irradiation intensity of the ultrasonic treatment previously used did not fit the individual’s muscle needs. Such as being too strong. When the degree is not accurate, I believe ‘flexion reflex’ of the muscles relating to the vocalization occurred, causing those issues.

‘Flexion reflex’ is triggered by stretching and massaging the larynx intensely, and must be taken into consideration during massage and ultrasonic treatments. The flexion reflex is a sudden automatic withdrawal movement occurring in response to a stimuli, and effected by the contraction of the flexor muscles of all the joints on the same side.

The muscles relating to vocalization are really small. If those muscles take too much of a powerful force suddenly, they tend to shrink reflexively.

Our experienced clinic uses special ultrasonic methods for treating the throat. These treatments are for available for vocalists looking to improve their voice or individuals who wish to target an area of a pre-existing condition or issue of the throat. The results sought as well as what we have seen are positive, showing increased flexibility of the muscles (impacting vocal range and muscle strength) and improved blood circulation.
The process of massaging the larynx is very detailed and precise! This is because you have to stretch each muscle fiber one by one gently and carefully. A process, both myself and colleagues at my Tokyo based Voice Care Clinic take pride in.

Of course, to have successful results from such treatments the Clinic and Professionals must have the vast knowledge of the neck and throat muscles as well as a subtle sense of touch. If you move the vocal muscles too forcibly, the larynx will shrink toward the cervical spine and cause (Larynx Deep Position) LDP.

Note:The flexion reflex is often caused by those who massage their larynx by themselves, making the muscles stiff and obstructing letting their voice out.
Amateur self massage of the muscles relating to vocalization almost always causes some muscle damage, more often to the myofascitis and the subluxation of the arytenoid cartilage. So, please be careful, and aware of the muscle mechanics involved as well as the risks.