A rare case of LDP only when inhaling

I treated a Man who had the issue of a firm larynx that goes into a deep position when he inhaled.
The Man expressed to me how he was bothered by this issue with every breath he took.
He went to see a Doctor of respiratory medicine because he thought he had an apnea syndrome. That doctor told him that there was no problem with his throat. He then sought a second opinion, and came to my Voice Care Clinic.
I measured the stiffness of the musculus extrinsic laryngis using a hardness tester.
I got the following results:
Without voice:29tone
With voice:38tone
When exhaling:33tone
When inhaling:61tone!

I was so surprised at the numbers this Man displayed. The level of stiffness was so high, and strangely only when he inhaled.
When I listened carefully when he inhaled, I could hear an inward air sound in the form of a ‘Hyu’ from him.
He seemed to be inhaling with the utmost strength!
He stated that it has been hard for him to breath for as long as he could remember. In other words a really long time, this was not a new issue.
Digging deeper into his history was not easy, but after going through a lengthy checklist of probable causes, we discovered that the root of the problem started when he was kid. He avidly attended swim class and his personal swim coach always told him to, ‘Inhale air as strong and deep as you can when taking a breath before going under the water.’
Taking his swim training very seriously and to prove dedication, the Man began inhaling air in this extreme nature with all the strength he had, every breath … even when he was not swimming.
Due to his intense swim training, this Man unknowingly created a habit of inhaling air too strong in his daily life. He could exhale properly at a normal rate, in which air would still exit his lungs automatically without any strain.

It was a long road of over several months of recovery training, but I eventually was able to rehabilitate this Man.
After I cured him, the final result of the level of stiffness of his musculus extrinsic laryngis went to down to 30tone.
He used to feel a sensation of choking when he was sleeping, which would wake him up suddenly. Now, not only can he can sleep well after fixing his stiff muscles, but most importantly he can take a breath normally when inhaling without making a ‘Hyu’ air sound anymore.

Note:This rare case of Inhalation LDP was an learned/acquired habit of the musculus extrinsic laryngis, not a disease.