The way to win an argument by using your voice

Everybody thinks in order to win an argument, the way to do it is by describing the justifiable claim in a coherent manner to argue the other side down.
Although the content of the conversations is surely important… there are other important factors as well relating to the voice. Such as the following:
(1) Figure out their feelings by listening to their the voice and tone.
If you know how they are feeling to begin with you will have an advantage in the argument.

(2)Make other people think your opinion is credible by the voice you present regardless of the content of the conversation.
Even if people look really confident, sometimes their mind feels differently, as they are really not. You can feel and identify this through a person’s voice.
Listen to the other person’s voice who is arguing carefully. When people get really nervous, their voice tends to turn to the high register and/or they tend to talk faster than usual. Due to tension, the muscles relating to vocalization including vocal cord muscles become stiff which makes the voice higher.
Speaking speed also becomes faster due to heightened tension, and unconsciously the speaker tries to finish speaking as quickly as possible. When someone raises their voice, please try to handle them calmly, and figure out what they are feeling at that moment. If you show them your calmness and stand your ground with a confident attitude, the other person is more likely to trust your opinion.

(3)You can display a calm and confident attitude by focusing on speaking with a good, low and slow voice.
Please do not concern yourself with twists and turns, such as them trying to change the subject or about the content of the conversation so much, and just focus on keeping a calm voice when speaking.
If you speak lower and slower than usual, the other side more often will start thinking that your opinion/argument/decision might be right.
If the other person is feeling rushed and/or emotional, you actually have more advantage in the overall argument.
In the end, the most important thing is to try not to meet them with the same feelings.
If you get angry like the other side, you will lose.

Success is in the outcome of having talked down the other person by using your voice!

Note:For another technique of talking, some individuals start talking slow at first and then intonate their voice by changing the strength and/or pitch later on in the argument/disagreement. In this case it would be appropriate for you to copy their voice or speech slightly in your response, to be able to propitiate them.