How to properly hold a microphone when singing

Holding a microphone properly is vital, when singing. Use the following tips to to improve your holding stance and produce the best vocals. If you want to resonate your natural voice, you have to hold the microphone even (upright) with the ground, and get your mouth either close to or far from the microphone. The distance you hold it will correspond to the voice’s volume or pitch.
Be mindful to hold the microphone diagonally when letting out a high-pitched voice or falsetto.
If you hold the microphone horizontally when exhaling a lot of air to produce a high-pitched voice, you won’t be able to let out a good voice easily. This is because the air flow is obstructed by the microphone.
Whether you are showcasing your speaking voice or vocalizing to sing a song, both rely on and are directly associated with the direction the microphone is held as well as the specifications of the microphone. Please try to follow the above mentioned rules of thumb to produce the best voice and get the most out of your microphone.

Note:Always keep in mind where the diaphragm of the microphone is located when holding it. The proper way is to position the diaphragm to be lined up between the center of the mouth’s hard palate and the front edge of the tongue. In doing this, when the mouth is opened for singing, the microphone can pick up the voice to its best ability.