Increasing the range of motion of the cricothyroid articulation for muscular strength

A signer who has a rich high-pitched voice has the ability to make the cricothyroid muscle move wide and has built the cricothyroid muscle itself into having a highly strengthened condition.

The cricothyroid muscle is a very important muscle, which is used when letting out a high-pitched voice.
The cricothyroid muscle contracts, to move the cricothyroid articulation.
The cricothyroid articulation is a very small joint which is located between and connecting the thyroid cartilage to the cricoid cartilage.
The cricothyroid muscle has 2 parts, the pendant moiety part and an oblique part, whereas each contraction direction is different.
The pendant moiety and the oblique part move separately, but also have complex movements when in cooperation.
The following figure below shows: the red line is the movement of pendant moiety part, the green is the movement of oblique part and the blue circle is the complex movement for both parts in cooperation.
The cricothyroid articulation moves to make the high register.
It is very important to move the cricothyroid articulation into a wide state to be able to use the cricothyroid muscle efficiently.Even if you try to train a high-pitched voice over and over again if the cricothyroid articulation does not move properly, you won’t be able to build and strengthen the cricothyroid muscle.

Please start here by checking the movement of your cricothyroid articulation first, if you struggle to let out a high-pitched voice.