Countermeasures for a sudden hoarse voice

A hoarse voice is commonly caused by glottic closure failure or thickening of the vocal folds.
With glottic closure failure, the air is leaked because the glottic cannot close and is unable to move the vocal chord properly, in turn loosing control of vocalization causing a hoarse voice.

The root cause of a hoarse voice caused by the internal laryngeal is as follows:
1.Infection, such as a cold or flu
2.Inflammation, such as a pharyngitis or vocal cord inflammation
3.Disease, such as a vocal nodule or vocal fold polyp
4.Functional voice disorder

1.Receive treatment at an otological hospital.

The root cause of a hoarse voice caused by the external laryngeal is as follows.
1.The muscles relating to vocalization are stiff due to excessive vocalization or fatigue of the throat muscles (resulting in LDP)
2.The larynx is positioned in deep, pressing the lesser horn of cartilage to make the glottis open. This larynx deeply positioned decreases the oxygen flow to the superior laryngeal artery and veins, resulting in an edema of the vocal folds.

1.Create flexibility of the muscles relating the vocalization by stretching
2.Improve blood circulation by stretching

Note1:The muscles relating to vocalization are really small as well as delicate. You must ask a Professional, of throat and voice, to give you stretching exercises and assist you to prevent a possible injury or accident.
However, if you must wait for assistance and are in need of relief soon… find the right position of the thyroid foramen. You can massage and stretch those muscles by yourself, without worry of injury. This area is really helpful to target when you suddenly have a hoarse voice.