Trouble letting out the voice after having the throat choked

Several people over the years have visited me at my clinic, stating: they have a problem letting out their voice after the trauma of having their throat choked.
The reason ‘why someone chocked my neck’ is the common explanation of martial arts, wrestling or judo. A sport where the throat is often hit directly when fighting. Others are, I hit my throat when falling down, or the neck was struck by an air-bag in a car accident. e.g.
First and most importantly, go see a Doctor for an evaluation to check the movement of your vocal cord and see if the hyoid bone is broken or not.
If nothing is broken nor any other problems are identified at the hospital, then the issue is with the musculus extrinsic laryngis.
A problem with the musculus extrinsic laryngis is usually caused by (1)injury to the muscles relating to vocalization, (2)larynx deep position(LDP) or (3)subluxation of the cricothyroid articulation/or the arytenoid cartilage.
The course of action to start is to recover from all of the above 3 factors.
However, it is harder to treat if you have bleeding or any type of scar or adhesion on any of the muscles relating to the vocalization.
If you cherish your voice or are a Professional Singer, please in the future try to avoid and prevent from having those kinds of injuries.

Note1:Some Professional Singers have had to abruptly end their careers due to problems with controlling their musical pitch, after being choked around the neck.
The reason why it is unstable, and they can’t control their pitch is because the muscles relating to vocalization lost their mobility.
If you get injured in the throat, the cricothyroid muscle or superior laryngeal nerve, it becomes impossible to let out a high-pitch singing voice.
This is fatal for a Career Singer.