Change or failure of the voice due to aging

A lot of female singers have visited me at the Voice Care Salon over the years. I have learned that a female singer changes her voice depending on the genre of song and her age.

  • Music Vocalists, pop singers or soprano opera singers usually tend to have the most issues with their voice after their late twenties.
  • Mezzo-soprano, alto or jazz singers usually tend to have issues with their voice after their thirties.

I investigated the possible root causes which are the following:
1.Muscle weakness relating to vocalization due to aging
2.Drop of the sustained forces for vocalization (gravity pulling the muscles)
3. Increased hardness of the musculus extrinsic laryngis
4.Stress, fatigue or illness
5.Stiff muscles due to insufficient exercise

Note1:In the case study of the Male singer, being a vocal music singer ,pop singer or tenor opera singer, they usually tend to have issues with the voice after their thirties. Following that, the baritone, bass or jazz singer usually tends to have issues with their voice after their forties.

Note2:Please consult with your Doctor or Specialist if your voice issue is caused by an illness or stress.
If the root cause is the muscles relating to the vocalization, it is possible to recover if you take proper treatment! Age is not a factor regarding the health of the muscles relating to vocalization.
An 80-year-old female opera singer performed a great concert after having proper treatment from us.