Recent Discovery: LDP is also caused by functional dysphonia

Be especially careful after any throat or voice recovery, because LDP is also caused by functional dysphonia. This recent discovery is why I highly recommend going to see a Specialty Doctor in tandem with your Otolaryngologist if you have functional dysphonia.

If you still have issues with your voice, even after taking proper treatment in a hospital and have fully healed from functional dysphonia, you might possibly have LDP caused by the functional dysphonia.
LDP (larynx in a deep position) is a condition of the muscles relating to vocalization, not a medical disease.
If you feel that ‘it is difficult to let out your voice’ or ‘you lack the basic muscle strength needed to sing a song well,’ then you are probably experiencing LDP. More signs are commonly when the musculus extrinsic laryngis contracts, the larynx gets in deep causing coughing or choking, and additionally losing the resonance of your voice as well as the ability to produce or sustain a high-pitch voice.

In conclusion, if a person kept the above voice condition for an extended period of time (years), then it is more than likely because they were unaware that LDP will still stubbornly remain even though they had healed another disease of the voice in the past. All too often, in this case, multiple treatment plans were necessary but not addressed.

Keep in mind, the longer a person has LDP the more difficult it will be to retrain those muscles and recover!

Anyone currently suffering, or post recovery from a disease of the voice or throat I highly recommend you determine an annual action plan with both a Doctor and a Voice Care Specialist to start at the core by also focusing on curing the muscles relating to vocalization.