Aida Voice Care Candy Overview

Exclusively for the voice
Aida’s voice care candy – for a better singing voice!a



1. The vocal folds, also known as vocal cords, are located within the larynx (the larynx is also known as the voice box) at the top of the trachea. They are open during inhalation and come together to close during swallowing and phonation. When closed, the vocal folds vibrate and modulate the expelled airflow from the lungs to produce speech and singing. If the mucosa is not moisturized, it cannot vibrate.
Aida Voice Care Candy moisturizes the mucosa of your dry vocal cords.

2. Lick or suck the candy, and refrain from drinking water. Water can directly bring hydrachloric acid to your vocal cords. 1 mg of hydrachloric acid has the same moisture-retaining properties as 6 liters of water. We do not want to overhydrate or dehydrate, but find a comfortable balance between the two and stay consistently hydrated!

3.Made by highly-refined hyaluronic acid at a high concentration limit, this is the first candy created exclusively for vibrancy of the voice.
The vibrancy of the vocal cords will dramatically improve once the hydration levels of the vocal cord mucosa are balanced with Aida Voice Care Candy.

★How to take it!

Eat the candy approximately 15 minutes before singing or using your voice.
Do not chew or eat quickly.
The candy will dissolve and seem sticky in your mouth. You can drink a little water at this time, but this sticky paste is needed to consistently deliver constant hydration – so allot some time for it to absorb and adhere to your tongue and throat.  .


1.At this time, Aida Voice Care candy is only available for patients at the Aida Voice Care Salon and by request exclusively for Professional Singers.
2.Aida Voice Care Candy is not a medicine. Its purpose is just to improve the efficiency and quality of vocalization, and cannot treat a sore throat, condition or disease.

Voice Care Candy is now available in the U.S and shipping is free!

Minimum order is 5 pieces = $20
Max order is 20 pieces = $80
e-mail our US based Aida Sales Team in San Diego directly to place an order:

★Reviews after taking voice candy

A: Vocal coach
Easier to vocalize in minutes, this is amazing candy!

B: Singer and vocal coach
Improves conditioning. Now it only takes half the time it usually takes me for vocal exercises.

C: Opera singer
I had the candy between a first act and second act, and I can attest to producing smoother vocalization and more control of the voice. I was so surprised!